About Me

I am living in a town in the western area to Berlin the capital city of Germany, about an hour away.
Here we have it all,
the lovely countryside and green fields for having walks with the dogs, lovely huge house with an animal friendly area.
The Papillons became an important part of my Life in 1993
when I got my first Papillon Cilly von Taischan.
I was 11 years old and since then they were always the No. 1
in my Life and I can’t imagine being without my little butterflies.
My mother started her kennel in 1995 with the first litter under the prefix “vom Schwabenhof”
and till today we work together in the breeding and showing.
Showing is my biggest hobby and I am proud to show my dogs around Europe and even oversea with big success…
in all European countries, Scandinavia, Russia, USA ect.
In former times I also was in the Juniorhandling competitions with success and became No. 1 Juniorhandler VK in 1998 & 1999.
These days I offer selective handlingservice .
I am proud to own or co-own No. 1 Papillons (VK) and Phalène (VK) and we working to keep up the success in the future years.
Of course my most special dog is multi Ch. Emeraud vom Schwabenhof who will be always my shining star and special companion. He really got an outstanding success for a German breed Papillon by being several times the No 1 Papillon (VK) and got great wins around Europe. Even as Veteran he was record winning what is a special honour for us. Of course we are proud to see his successful offsprings in the show rings today. Take a look at the Gallery for more information.
Over the years I have imported several dogs to improve my breeding programme with imports from Sweden, USA, Russia and Japan.
Thanks to all breeders for giving me the possibility to buy these lovely dogs.
I am very proud that my offsprings found loving homes around the world and even with this small number of litters I have bred BIS, BISS winners, Junior BIS winners, Junior Group winners, Worldjuniorwinner, International champions (FCI), Groupwinners and champions in many countries: USA, Canada, Japan,Chile, Thailand, Russia, France, Latvia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, San Marino, Baltic, Lithuania, Estonia, CZ republic, Hungary, Belorussian, Moldavia, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgian, Australia ,Finland etc.
All my dogs are tested for PL and have tests for PRA by certified veterinaries. Also we do DNA test our stock ( PRA1, NAD,vWD,Factor VII). Healthy dogs are most important. I only have a small stock of dogs. My dogs are full family members and enjoy their lives to play in the garden, sitting on the sofa or sleeping in our beds next to be show and breeding dogs.
Here some impressions from our home:
Visitors are welcome to meet our butterflies. Now I would like to thank Steffi Thönelt (Web4Breeder |Web& Grafikdesign Thönelt) for the design of my homepage. Have a good time at my site!
If you have any questions you are welcome to email me.
I speak English and German.
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