Nightfire’s kennel started in the year 2000 and has raised some topwinning Papillons.
With just a small number of litters we proudly can say that many of our kids doing fine around the globe and we would like to show you here some of our successful offsprings…

In Alphabetic order:

Groupwinner, JCh, Ch.  No 1 Pap Chile Nightfire’s Applause for Me

BOB Winner, 2 CAC  Nightfire’s Autumn Magic

  Multi JCH.,Clubjunior winner, DT+Öst.BJS, BOB Winner , Multi Ch.  Nightfire’s Attract Attention

BPIS BOB winner Nightfire’s All I Want

 multi BISS, Res.JBIS,DKJCH,DTJCH,KlubJW, LJS, BPIS  DKCH. DT.CH. Nightfire’s Be my Win

BPIS, BABY Group winner ,  Groupwinner , Ch. Nightfire’s Better Than Ever

BPIS placer ,multi JCh, Multi CH. , VDH ES, Annual Trophy Winner, Enci Winner, Meditteranean winner , Slov.CJW, Slov.JW, LS, Nightfire’s Bet on Win

 Multi BIS BISS Multi Ch. JCH.  Nightfire’s Burn to Win

 JCH. , Intch.,Multi CH, GrandCH.  Nightfire’s Black Beauty

DT & VDH Ch. Nightfire’s Classic Design

CH. Nightfire’s Crown Prince

  PBOG  BOB winner, Ch. Nightfire’s Diamond Fever 

Groupplacer, Ch., JCH. Nightfire’s Dreaming Stars

 BOB , 2x CAC Nightfire’s DreamWorld 

BISS, Multi Ch. Dk & S Ch,Dk JCH. Ital JCh. Enci JW, Meditteranean JW , LJS  Nightfire’s Expect the Best 

Dt. & VDH  JCH. LS, Clubwinner,CH. Nightfire’s Extraordinary Lady 

JBIS, Multi CH., Multi JCH. Nightfire’s Endless Glamour

Multi JCH. BOB winner, CH.  Nightfire’s Faith to Win 

UKC Ch.  Nightfire’s Fight to Win  BCAT 

BOB/CAC winner Nightfire’s Favorite Gentleman

Multi CH. ,JCH. Nightfire’s Fighting Alpha

FR JCH. Nightfire’s Glamorous Winner 

 BIS Placer,Groupwinner, FInCh., Helsinki JW Nightfire’s Golden Glory

Ung.Ch, Dt.JCH, RJBIS  Nightfire’s Go and Win 

Jch. Nightfire’s Highlife

Multi CH. Nightfire’s Hard To Beat

Multi CH. Nightfire’s Hot Present

BOB/CAC winner Nightfire’s Heartbeat

JCH.CH.Nightfire’s Faith to Win

UKC Ch. Nightfire’s Fight to Win 

CAC Winner Nightfire’s Full House

Multi CH. Nightfire’s High Class

Multi CH. Nightfire’s Headman

CH.Nightfire’s Irresistible Boy

CH.Nightfire’s If’s An Illusion

 Vet.BIS /Ch, Multi CH. WorldJW. ,Multi JCH. Vet. BISS Nightfire’s I go my Way

CH. Nightfire’s Ice Princess

MACH, CH. Nightfire’s Just Dance

CH. Nightfire’s Just Win like NY Diamond

JCh.CH. Nightfire’s Jewel by NY 

JCH. Nightfire’s Keep on Glitter

CH.,JCh. Nightfire’s King of Hearts

Multi JCH., CH. Nightfire’s Kiss by A Rose

 BISS, JBISS , JCH. Nightfire’s Legendary Winner

Multi CH., multi JCH. Nightfire’s Limelight Star

Multi CH. Nightfire’s Look At Me

 Silver Grand AM.CH., AOM PCA Nightfire’s Love Letter

Multi CH, multi JCH. Nightfire’s Made in Germany

CH. Nightfire’s  Meteor

Multi CH, JCh. Nightfire’s Monchichi

CH.,JCh. Nightfire’s Make me Win

JCh. Slov.JW,Slov CJW CH.Nightfire’s Made to Win

JCh. BOB Winner Nightfire’s Magical Winner

JBIS, CAC Winner Nightfire’s Mysterical winner 

CAC/ BOB Winner Nightfire’s  Night Sky

CAC Winner Nightfire’s Odd-on Chance

JCH.,Ch. Nightfire’s Once in a Lifetime

Multi JCH. Multi Ch. , Dt.&Öst.BS Nightfire’s One for Winning

BIS,CH.,JCh. Nightfire’s One more Time

CH. Nightfire’s One and Only

JCH. Nightfire’s Polar Star over NY 

BBPIS CH. Nightfire’s Powered by NY

CH.Nightfire’s Permission to Win

Multi CH. , Multi JCH. Est.JW 2012  Nightfire’s Powered by Glamour

Multi CH, Multi JCH. Nightfire’s Question of Quality

Ptd. Nightfire’s Queenly Made

CH.Nightfire’s Question of Love

AMCH. Nightfire’s Quest for Gotcha

Ptd. Nightfire’s Quick Tip

CH.Nightfire’s Quiz for You

                                                                                                                                              CH.JCH. Nightfire’s Quick to Win

                                                                                                                                                CH. Nightfire’s Quantum Leap

                                                                                                                                               JCH. Nightfire’s Quality for Winning

JCH. Nightfire’s Shine on You

CH. Nightfire’s Secret Kiss

CH. Nightfire’s Touch my Heart

 BPIS, Multi CH. , Multi JCH., Slov.Winner 2015 Nightfire’s Top Secret

BPISS AmCh., Can Grand CH. Nightfire’s U are my Winner

Multi CH. Multi JCH., Am Grandch.,Multi Groupplacer Nightfire’s Unique But Real

Multi CH. Nightfire’s Variety Show

Multi JCH, CH. Nightfire’s V.I.P.

 JBIS,JCH.,BJS Nightfire’s With Glamour

 Multi BISS,BIS,JBIS, Multi JCH, FCI EJW 2014, AUST.SupCH. ,No.1 Papillon AUS 2015/2016 /2019

Nightfire’s Xclusive winner

Multi JCH, CH.,Multi CH.,Vice Worldwinner 2015, DT.+Öst BS  Nightfire’s Xquiste Lady

     RBISS, Multi Group Winner CH. Nightfire’s Xplore the World 

 Multi JCH.,multi CH.  Nightfire’s Yes I Can

JBOB JCh. CH. Nightfire’s Yes my winning Dream

BPISS/JCH.,  NL.& LUX Ch. Winner Nightfire’s Yippee

CH. Nightfire’s  Zealous Win For Win


… To be continued…